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What is better in rpms? I have found a few drives that are similiar in price, both have either 7200 or 10000 rpm.
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  1. well 10k rpm spins faster than the 7.2k rpms...10k drives are faster but they are louder and more expensive
    if you want a 10k rpm drive look up into wd velociraptors
  2. the higher rpm the better, expect that 10k rpm drives offer verry little performance boost for the price(as its increasing into hybrid sshdd zone prices.
  3. is it a lot louder?
  4. hmm
  5. I was a huge WD Velocoraptor fan. But the new SSD's gobble the raptors for breakfast. Just get a cheapie HDD to hold your music and stuff, and a 128GB or larger SSD for Windows and your games and you will be optimized.
  6. vmartelle said:
    is it a lot louder?

    No, I doubt you'll hear much with the case closed and the cpu/gpu fans.

    I'm with babernet, I love the Raptors, bought every one from 74GB to the 300GB, (along with tons of normal drives) but I skipped the latest for a PCI-E SSD for boot, and when my scatch disk died I replaced it with a SSD.
  7. Depending on what you want to do with it you might want to consider an SSD considering their current prices.
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