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Hello everyone, :hello:

Looking for a wireless network card for my desktop. There seem to be plenty to choose from. I prefer a USB one since it'll be much more accessible. I won't be using this for gaming but range would be very important.

Any suggestions?
I've read reviews (on Newegg) on both PCI ones and USB ones and both have unhappy users but I'm sure everybody's situation is different. I just want something simple with a good/far range and I'll be happy.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Don't dismiss PCI -- you only need to own a screwdriver to fit it and in my experience PCI is more reliable and reception better.

    As for model, I have a PCI wireless adapter from the excellent Netgear and another from a brand I'd never heard of bought for £4.50 in a flea market.

    Both work equally well. Because, both use chipsets from the same small pool of chip makers who supply everyone.

    The usual difference is comes when you need after sales support -- but I had no trouble finding a new driver for the non-name -- though the Netgear site is an impressive resource.
  2. ok, thanks. I'll have a look around.
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