How much could my Gaming PC be worth?

I currently have a custom build that is about 3 years old. I will eventually plan to sell in in order to build a complete new rig. I am currently going to upgrade my graphics card to a gtx 460 but this is my current setup.

Motherboard-Asus P5Q
GPU- EVGA Nvidia GTS 250
RAM- 8gb of OCZ Reaper 1066 DDR2
CPU- Intel Q6600 Overclocked to 3.2ghz
CPU Cooler- ThermalTake DuelOrb
Case-Antec 900 (1st Generation)
Hard Drive- Western Digital 640GB Black
Power Supply- Coolermaster 750W (not sure which model its 3 years old)
Sound Card- Creative SB Audigy
OS- Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

What do you guys think its worth if I sold it now. Should I sell it now or just upgrade certain parts. What parts should I upgrade if I am going to keep it. Thanks :D :D
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  1. as is thats a solid gaming PC. with your video card upgrade you can play any game out there under good settings.
    your PC is worth more in parts then it as a whole so upgrading it peace by peace makes more sense.

    if it was my PC after your video card upgrade;

    i would get a solid PSU if yours is not very efficient and out of warranty (most PSU have 3-5 years). if its one of CM better units, you can leave it alone.
    next up would be the CPU, mobo, and RAM all at once but you can hold off on that for a while.
  2. Does anyone else have other ideas?
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