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Sorry if this has been asked before! I searched but could not find a definite answer ;(

Anyways, I have Windows 8 Pro with 2 Samsung SSDs 830 512GB in raid 0 (2 x 256GB)

I have an Asus Maximus V Gene, according to Asus, Trim is now supported in Raid

My questions are, is Trim for raid automatically enabled or do I need to enable it? is it done from the Bios or do I need to install a software for it?

I understand for one SSD it is automatically enabled, but what about raid?
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  1. My Understanding is that as long as (1) The two drives are on an Intel Sata Port (Requires 7 Series Chipset ie Your Z77) and (2) Your using the latest driver.
    This is listed as supporting Win 8:*&DownloadType=Drivers

    Trim support, windows 8
  2. I *think* there is optimization software that comes in the Samsung toolbox that checks Windows and make the necessary adjustments (Intel 320 and Samsung 840 have this software).
  3. OK! I will have to check with Samsung software tools or maybe other SSD software, but in general, Trim is not something you go and have to turn on, if the software and hardware supports it, then its on by default, right?
  4. If you installed from scratch, probably. If you cloned a hard drive, probably not (think it depends on cloning software).
  5. Got it, I did an install from scratch and i have the latest bios and ssd firmware versions, I will check my PC again as soon as I get home with some SSD benchmark tools, I just needed to know if it was like a BIOS setting that you actually had to go in and turn on! but thanks for clarifying that for me!
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    No Bios, Trim is strickly an OS function.
  7. I got home today and checked Trim, it is enabled so I guess thats a good thing :bounce:

    I just wasting sure if it enables it self by default or if it was a software/bios feature that I had to do manually, but now I know

    Thank you all for the help
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