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Hi Guys,

just got a Samsung 830 128gb SSD which i want to use as a slave drive to run games etc from, the problem is that the drive will not accept any programs without crashing the PC. the screen shot is what comes up before the PC restarts, it even crashes in safe mode.

i am not a complete novice, but i could use a little guidance as to whether the drive is knackered or i am doing something wrong.

The drive is seen in the Bios, the latest frimware has been put on the drive ( downlaoded and installed by software that came with it) i have formatted the drive in windows and allocated it a drive letter, just when a program is installed this happens
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  1. looks like your installing the ssd on the 3party chipset of your mb. check that the chipset set to achi mode. also see if the mb vendor or online has new updated marvel controller driver. if it still crashes try putting the drive on your intel port.
  2. thx, i replaced the Sata lead in to a difernet port on Mobo and it seems to be stable at the moment, hopefully this was the prob.

    Thx for advice
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