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I have a 6 month old system with i7-920, 6GB ram, Geforce GTX-285, 2 hard drives with XP professional on one and Win 7 Ultimate on the other (both drives are Seagates).
I typically use Win 7. I do not overclock but game quite a bit (all gaming is on Win 7). Thermal compound and CPU fan mounting is fine.
If I reboot right after a gaming session (to switch operating systems - its not a crash related reboot or any problem related reboot) I occasionally get a "CPU overheating error" message during startup. Once I press F1 (as prompted), startup proceeds normally. The error message is rare, and its only after a gaming session of an hour or more. I suppose this is probably not something to worry about but I'd like to get your opinions.
The following are the temperature readings from bios and core temp under no load and right after a gaming session (of about an hour) and with the error message triggered:

Temperatures with no load -
44 bios
57 core temp

Temperatures with gaming followed by CPU overheating error message on reboot -
73 bios
90 core temp

Thanks, in advance, for your help.
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  1. What bothers me is that BOTH the BIOS temp gauge and Core temp are reporting CPU temperatures that are, frankly, too high under load. Your BIOS temps seem a bit more believeable, but still a bit high at load. The Core Temp reports, especially at load, are worrysome though...
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