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In my new build i am gonna try setting up a raid 0 config. I am gonna be using x2 320GB HDDs, and Windows 7 64bit. I want to install the OS in raid also, which means that I need a raid driver??
Does windows 7 come w/ a raid driver all ready installed, or do I have to download a raid driver onto a flash drive and install while I am installing the OS?
I think I found a link to a website that lets you download the drivers for raid >>>> RAID DRIVER

My Motherboard is ASUS P7P55D-E PRO, and I am pretty sure it has a built-in raid controller on it...
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  1. Why on earth do you want a RAID 0 array?
  2. faster load times
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    Eh, you'd see much more from an SSD. Hard drives in raid still have the same random access times as a single drive, only sustained is improved.
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