Can i use different ram speed in different slots?

Hey everyone, i got 1 modules of memory ram, 1x 2gb 667 Mhz ddr2
i've acquire a used laptop who got 1x 2gb 800 Mhz ddr2. and got 2 slots available one being used right now.

My question is, is it possible having one slot with 2gb 800Mhz ddr2, and the 2nd slot with 2gb 667 Mhz ddr2 making 4gb ram ddr2 ?

The laptop can only have memory ram ddr2 800/667 Mhz to a maximum of 4gb.
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  1. Try it, it will probably work.

    But, the ram will operate at the lowest common denominator of speed and latency.

    By and large, more ram is better than faster ram anyway. Particularly if you are a big multitasker.
  2. bum for more opinions
  3. I'd give it about a 75% chance of working.

    Beings it has 800MHz memory in there, I suggest putting another 800MHz stick in.
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