Looking to Build decent for $500 or less

Hey everyone Im relativity New to Building Computers I know How to and Im pretty good with them but ive never had to Build the whole thing. I have a Budget of about $500 and i was wondering if I could get any help on good Places to Buy Parts and help On the over all Of it. So if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. What will this be used for? Do you have a monitor? What resolution? Do you need windows? Mouse+keyboard?
  2. Gaming Mostly i have a HDTV that im gonna use and im not sure the reolution that is I dont need windows and I have a mouse and everything
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    If $511AR is not a bridge too far...
  4. For ~$500, I can't think of a single thing I'd change with that build. There's almost $200 in savings plus a $20 rebate in there. Pretty awesome Batuchka...
  5. thank you so much batuchka that is just the kind of help i was looking for
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  7. Yep happy shopping/building and u are welcomed ^^
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