Driver problem? ATI....found something interesting?

Ok so this is unrelated to my other thread....

my gpu is a HD4850 ati card....i installed 10.7 drivers, after uninstalling everything else, but upone trying to figure out my monitor display Hz and stuff, i found this 4850HD properties thing in the display settings... it says

"driver version 8.753.0.0"

but it says driver install date july 7th...which is when i put in the newer 10.7 drivers for this card....

could this be a reason my card overheats? could this be why i cannot open ATI Catalyst control center?

i got to this screen by right clicking the background on the desktop, then clicking pops up with my monitor info, which says

"generic PnP on ati radeon 4800 series" 1600x900 COLORS: Highest 32bit

then i click advanced settings and a thing pops us that says "adapeter type radeon 4800 series" and when i click the properties button on that window, is when it shows the old driver....

is that just a Vista fluke thing? or are there old drivers on here? please help!!!
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  1. The driver version number is an internal number which tells the build number. The number of the driver like 10.7 is not related to the software version just tells you it was released in july of 2010.
  2. ok so the drive i dl'd "10.7" has nothing to do, or isin't realated to the "driver version 8.7"? so nothing i need to uninstall then?
  3. Catalyst 10.7 uses driver version 8.753.0.0, there isnt anything you need to install.
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