Msi motherboard won't boot from usb 3.0 drive

I have a MSI (MS-7599)870U-G55 MB with a AMD 1055T Processor. The board has USB 3.0 and I am trying to get it to boot from a 1.5TB Seagate GoFlex Drive. In bios there are no options to boot from USB. I have used Gigabyte boards in the past and they had the option. Am I missing something?
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  1. I downloaded the manual for this motherboard, but there are only a couple of lines about boot sequence, and it is not clear whether it supports boot from USB at all. It is possible that it does not support boot from USB.
  2. If its not in the boot order menu in BIOS then its not going to happen .

    USB3 is currently supported by add on chips on motherboards rather than the 870 series north bridge chip on your motherboard . What you are wanting is like a lamp turning its self on at the wall switch .....

    Maybe Harry Potter could help?
  3. Thanks for the replies. Went to NE and picked up a Asus M5A97 Evo board. Has the UEFI bios, USB3, 6G Sata etc. Got the 1055T to 4Ghz in 5 minutes. Boots from USB in bios too! Only big deal kind of was having to go into regedit to make changes (3 to 0) to get AHCI drive otion to work. Waiting for BD but Fry's just had the i5-2500K on sale for $149, decisions, decisions. Uses are for CAD, Video editing etc. business stuff.
    Thanks Again!!
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