Sata To USB Password Problem.

hello all.

ive recently purchased a SATA to usb cable. it works fine and i was able to retrieve long forgotten songs and other media i had created over the years that was stored on a Seagate external drive. Now, i was going to go into my other hard drive which was not external. but the main account foler (i named it max) cannot be accessed because of its password.
I know the password, i made the password,
my problem is that i cant find a menu where i can input the password. it just says e:/ not accessible. im not asking to break into the computer. i would just like to know where i can enter the password so i can retrieve the files. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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  1. What you want to do is google: <your operating system> take ownership

    So for example: Windows 7 take ownership
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