Question about if this is a good cpu for gamming

Hey I found on comp usa a deal ECS A740GM-M Motherboard with AMD Phenom X3 8450e 2.1Ghz AM2+ for $50 Thats pretty much all i want to spend Is this a good deal or u think i can find better? I have a Pentium 4 right now.
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  1. I doubt you could find better for $50, but I wouldn't call it a "good" CPU. Have you OC's your P4? They tend to have some headroom in them.
  2. well my pc is a hp so only able to use software oc and only got it 3.2 from 3.0, but this cpu would be a huge step up from my p4 right? was looking at the charts and seems pretty good. Was thinking i probably can oc to 2.5 or something.
  3. Just so i'm reading this correctly, your getting both the motherboard and cpu for $50 right? If so, that is a really hard deal to beat.

    The Phenom I X3 is without a doubt better than your P4, but it's fail compared to many new <$100 processors for gaming.
  4. yeah both for 50.
    btw anyone knows if this cpu can unlock 4th core or something? was reading how some versions have a disabled core
  5. Some motherboards are capable of unlocking disabled cores in BIOS.
    Here is the Passmark scores for it.Substantially better than a P4 by far.
  6. cool thxs decided to buy it, now if only i can unlock 4th core would make it even better lol
  7. Be sure you get the right memory for it too (It takes DDR2-800).Plus look closely at all the documents,downloads here
  8. k thxs for info yea i got ddr on my pc so need to buy new one
  9. Is it DDR2 on your PC? I know some pentium 4 processors are on socket 478 and others are socket 775, so if you don't have DDR2 in your computer now you need to upgrade to DDR2.
  10. my is socket 775 but only has ddr saw on ebay for $15 1 gig of ddr2
  11. leonnee said:
    my is socket 775 but only has ddr saw on ebay for $15 1 gig of ddr2

    Not bad and if you are running XP that should be more than enough but if you are running windows 7 then I recommend at least 2GB.
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