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Need to fix cpu water cooling pump.
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  1. then fix it :0 could you please be more specific?
  2. Quote:
    Need to fix cpu water cooling pump.

    I have a custom built (cyberpowerpc) computer purchased about a 1 and 1/2 ago which has been functioning fine. Recently, however, I have noticed that my CPU pump indicator has been beeping because the pump has not been working. The case I purchased is a Titan Robela water case. It seems that the main problem is that the pump is not pushing the cooling fluid into the tubes. What can I do to fix this? Thank you.
  3. is the pc out of warranty?
  4. No longer under warranty.
  5. no. nobody could be of help with the small amount of info you are providing. if the pump isnt working, it should be replaced.
  6. Sorry about the reply. I thought you were being sarcastic about the warranty thing. I purchased the computer around March of 2009 and they(cyberpowerpc) only offer a 1-year warranty. The case features an Evercool Titan Robella Aluminum water case, an intel quad core q9550 processor, an ASUS P5Q3 motherboard, 680 watt power supply, 4gb ddr3 RAM, and the OS is Vista 64 bit home edition. The cooling system is built into the case. The company I purchased the PC from no longer carries products from the company that makes the cooling system. I guess my main question is if I can fix the liquid cooling system I have right now or should I just by a regular heatsink for the cpu. Also, if I should just buy a fan heatsink for the CPU, can you give me some recommendations of what to buy. Thank you so much for the help and I am sorry about the miscommunication. If you still feel like you can help me let me know if their is any more information I can provide. Thanks again!
  7. what product is the pump that failed? im sure you could get it on ebay or the manufacturers website. i dont know much about watercooling, but honestly since one leak or spill can kill your entire computer, i would say replace the pump instead of doing a duct-tape-and-super-glue fix.
  8. Hi luke5986, Welcome to THW.

    I am just curious, have you ever replaced your coolant or taken apart your water loop for cleaning? WC is not maintenance free you have to maintain it like a fish tank or a car. A good cleaning and coolant replacement may be all you need.
  9. Quote:
    The case features an Evercool Titan Robella Aluminum water case.


    I am ashamed to say that I own one of these, having purchased it for almost nothing from our local 'junk shop' (GEEKS.com). Even at that price I may have paid too much.

    Mine is described as a "TITAN ROBELA TWC-A88 WATER CASE." The user's manual lists Titan Computer Co. Ltd. as the manufacturer. It has a copyright date of 2005. When I called Titan I got an answering machine which politely informed me that "No'one is here to take your message." An eMail brought a response from one of their employees in which he stated that Titan no longer manufactures the thing and offers no support for it. Well, it only cost $59.00US and so I'm not going to start beating my breast over it. I DO think that the seller had an ethical obligation to tell potential buyers of this case that it had been discontinued by the manufacturer --- I can hear everyone laughing over my use of the term "ethical" in this particular context and I don't blame them; Still, at fifty nine dollars it'll make a cheap boat anchor.

    I have managed to find a few reviews in which users complain about various issues. The pump seems to be the most prevalent of these, followed by the PCB which supports its connections. Even the removable side is a problem because of its weight and the fact that it is not hinged to the case but 'chained' to it instead (real chains) --- in order to keep from tearing the cable connectors away as you struggle to lift it along with its radiator, pump unit, and fans.

    We are not going to risk expensive equipment, costing many times $59.00, inside this thing when for two or three hundred dollars -- or even less -- we can purchase reliable equipment to support the cooling function.

    I would advise you to replace the entire case and, instead, purchase discrete processor coolers for your CPU(s), GPU(s), RAM, etc.

    If the idea of a liquid cooling 'case' is something which you must have, then you will have no trouble finding manufacturers who DO support them.

    Good Luck,
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. I have refilled the cooling system with distilled water whenever it seems the fluid was running low. That is what the manual said I should to maintain proper functionality. The liquid cooling was actually a special the company I purchased from was promoting at the time. I think if I had known that it could be problematic I would have gone with a fan instead. I'll see if flushing the fluid out fixes the problem. More than likely I'll probably see if I can replace the liquid cooling with a regular heatsink. When it comes to that I'll see if you could tell me which type I need to get. Thank you for all of the help, as a first time poster on Tom's I really appreciate the prompt and knowledgeable responses.
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