Asus g75vw hard drive upgrade?

hi, i have an asus g75vw th71 wich comes with 500g hard drive and 12 ram, but i want more hard drive space. I heard ssd where good. Im going to be downloading lots of games and other random stuff that looks fun. Any ideas :??:
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  1. I think you need to read a little more about SSDs first. If you want more hard drive space, SSD is not for you. Yes, they are faster, but must be used properly, and to replace you 500gb drive is $400-500 for the same size. You trade size for speed, especially on a notebook where you typically only have 1 drive. In a desktop you can add a second drive, so most people have a small SSD for programs and a big HDD for storage.
  2. i think there is a second drive, so what you mean is get a big hard drive and a small ssd along side it
  3. If your laptop can accept two drives, then yes, you would get a small SSD for the operating system and a big hard drive for storage, sizes depending on your budget. There are some articles here on how to setup and use a SSD which are important less you ending up throwing your money away.
  4. thanks
  5. you're welcome
  6. i bought this machine with a 256 SSD and 750 HDD and love it. boots in 8 seconds or less.

    very worthwhile to upgrade the machine to SSD plus HDD!
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