Laptop upgrade??

New here and never posted so forgive me if I do it wrong. I know enough to be dangerous and am looking to upgrade my laptop to get a few more years out of it.

I have:

HP dv3510nr (about 4 years old but generally serves my needs)
Vista Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core Duo P7350
Hitachi HD 320GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache (only about 80 GB used)

Not my main computer but used for business: email, MS Office, lots of browsing. I have a desktop for primary work. The laptop has been running noticeably hot of late to the point of shutting down a few times.

I am considering:

Replacing thermal compound (Arctic Silver 5)
Replacing HDD with SSD (128GB)
Upgrading to Windows 7 clean install
Clean install of most used programs (getting rid of unnecessary and out dated programs)

Since system is SATA II there appear to be limited choices of SSD so I am thinking a Western Digital HD is sufficient (and cheaper). Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback on my plan.
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  1. SATA III is compatible with SATAII, you will just limited to SATAII speeds. Other than that, sound like a good plan.
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