SATA drives not detected in bios

Hi there,
recently i built myself a computer to save myself some money and have some half decent specs at the same time, it consists of

MSI E41 motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE @3.2 ghz (using stock cooling)
4gb ddr3 @1333 Mhz
500 gb WD SATA 7200 RPM
575W PSU that came with a super power case
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

problem is that when the computer is switched on, i receive the prompt to insert the boot disk screen etc as if nothing is on the HDD, at first i thought my HDD fried and was corrupted because it was running at around 50C for a few minutes earlier

then i restarted it and entered the bios, and none of the sata drives are detected, neither the HDD or the optical drive

After this I
1. checked all the cables and connections, no problems
2. reset the bios to optimum settings
3. reset the cmos using the jumper
4. removed the cmos battery and put it back in and reset the time and boot order

all to no avail, the bios will still not detect either of the sata drives

Please Help, Thanks in Advance
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  1. If you plug the HDD into another computer, does it show up? How about if you plug into another SATA port? What happens if you use a different power adapter on the HDD?
  2. trying the HDD on another computer is not an option at the moment for me since the only other computer i have, which i am using to post this question, is 7 years old and has no SATA ports

    If plugged into another SATA port, the same problem occurs, it does not show up
    If another cxable is used on the HDD, it does not show up
    If another power adapter is used on the HDD it does not show up
  3. Have you tried entering the BIOS and setting the SATA interface to IDE mode.
  4. pjmelect said:
    Have you tried entering the BIOS and setting the SATA interface to IDE mode.

    doubtful that will help because the computer was running fine on default optimised bios settings the whole time

    i put the computer on hibernate for the night, then switched it on this morning to encounter this problem
  5. bump

    some of my fellow /g/entlemen who have never failed me in the past think that my mobo might be dead

  6. bump, any last opinions?
  7. If plugged in via multiple power connectors, SATA connectors, and into multiple ports, there are not a lot of thing to try.

    You don't have any other hard drives or computers handy, so swapping with known good ones isn't really an option.

    Most things are pointing at the motherboard, but without some of the steps above, it's tough to verify.
  8. i hav encountered exactly the same problem two days ago! but my motherboard is MSI 760G-P33(AM3 socket). this is my second motherboard of the same model. The LAN card of my previous MSI 760G-P33 motherboard was fried without any reason! Since my motherboard was in warranty, i got a new one for free. Now after two months of getting that one, it shows the same problem like jared285q's PC. What shud i do?? i am so frustrated with MSI.... :@
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