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I was wanting to connect my tv to my computer.. I have a GPU.. first of all how do i connect it? do i use a HDMI cable and run it from the GPU or the mobo? and secondly what do i need to set the settings on? The GPU has a 2560 x 1600 res and i dont know what the tv has... does that even matter? Also what do i do for the audio? I know the HDMI cables carry it but will it come from the GPU too?

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    You connect the TV through the HDMI port on your HD5770, and the resolution of your TV should be either 1366*768 or 1360*768.

    Audio should be plug and play, but if you don't get it right away, goto "Playback devices" and change the set "HDMI audio" as the default device.
  2. The video card(5770) on your link is very capable. The TV on the link is limited to 720P. Thats a low resolution TV. You need to find a 1080P capable display or TV.

    Connection should be HDMI-> HDMI. That mode of connection carry audio/HD-video.
  3. Is this the only display that will be connected to the computer? If not, what's the resolution of the other display? I just spent the last few nights connecting both my HDTV (Olevia 232T 720p) and projector (BenQ MP610) and trying to get them working nicely with each other.

    My problem was that I had just upgraded the graphics card in my HTPC to an HD4670 from an HD2600Pro (for the HDMI audio capabilities). However, with the new graphics card installed, my old resolution settings would no longer work. With the new card installed, I can only use the HDTV resolution of 1080i @ 30Hz. All others (while the projector is enabled) result in an, "Invalid Format" message on my HDTV.

    In the end, I had to set up hotkeys in order to enable Clone Mode and to disable all non-primary displays, so I can easily switch between watching movies on the HDTV or the projector.

    -Wolf sends
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  5. I only use my HD tv with my PC and it's LG blu-ray drive works so much better than the samsung stand alone player that I had...
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