Advice on AUS$1000-1200 gaming build

Hi everyone,

I would greatly appreciate any help/assistance with my new gaming build.


BUDGET RANGE: $1000-1200 After Rebates.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, small amount of video encoding, internet browsing)

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Kebyoard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS (Windows 7)



PARTS PREFERENCES: No major preference. Would normally go with AMD due to being able to upgrade CPU without new Mobo, but Bulldozer processors will require AM3+ Mobo so happy to go Intel.

OVERCLOCKING: A little overclocking, but not extreme.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Not to begin with, but want to be able to later.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would like a good gaming build which will last me for the next 2-3 years with a possible RAM upgrade and second graphics card. Want to do some simple overclocking and would like it to be silent/very quiet when idle and fairly quiet at full load as the computer will be in the living room. I've never built a computer so I will purchase the parts from MSY (a cheap Australian store) and pay them $70 to assemble.

I am thinking the following parts but happy to make big changes if cheaper or better.

Mobo: Asus P7P55D-E Pro ($204)

Wanted a mobo that could SLI/crossfire well, USB 3 and Sata 3.

CPU: Intel Core i5-760 ($238)

Seems to be an efficient CPU which overclocks well.

GPU: Nvidia 1GB GTX460 Gigabyte ($264)

Seems to benchmark better than ATI Radeon 5770 ($175), Nvidia GTX465 ($264) and ATI 5850 is too expensive ($338).

RAM: 4G Kit ddr3 1600 G.Skill Ripjaws ($119)

CPU cooler: Coolermaster Universal Hyper 212+ ($39)

Seems to be a good cooler and not overly loud if replace fan with Antec TriCool 120mm ($15)

Case: Antec 300 ($65)

Seems cheap, quiet and good air flow.

PSU: Coolermaster GXPower 750 ($109)

Not sure how many watts I need. Is 750 enough for some mild overclocking and the option of SLI in the future?

Fans: 3xAntec Tricool 120mm (3x$15=$45)

Optical: DVD/RW (already own) and will add BluRay later.

OS: Already have Windows 7.

Hardrives: Have a 1.5TB Seagate (7200rpm) and 750GB Western Digital (7200rpm). Is it worth getting a fast hard drive for windows/program files? I can't afford SSD at the moment but would like to upgrade when prices drop a little. Will likely have 3 hard drives.

Total price (with $70 assembly charge and without hard drive): $1173
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  1. Edit: I should also add that because I live in Australia, our summer's can get up to 40 degrees celsius in the summer. My place is pretty cool but doesn't have air con.

    Edit: Will all these components fit together? I'm finding it really difficult to research this.
  2. Any thoughts?
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