Will a q6600 handle 2 460s in sli

Hey there, i posted a little while back about needing a new mobo for my poor dell system. Well i got a evga 680I sli board used but working off ebay for 42 buks...is that still good? Also, I got a nearly new zalman CNPS9500AT for 25 and a bfg 650 gs series psu for 28. Those still pretty good items?

I currently have an hd4830 and iwanted to know if my q6600 that i will overclock when i get my new heatsink/fan to at least 3.0-3.2ghz will handle two 460's in sli or if it will bottle neck them. Also i am aware i will problably need a better psu(which is not a big deal in another month or two) if two 460s are too much would there be a better solution to just one 460?

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  1. Best is to get a single video card, you can get a HD 6870 or GTX 470 now or wait for a couple of weeks for the new HD 6950/6970. The first one will be within your budget.

    Your PSU (456 Watts on the 12V rails) can't run two 460 anyway.
  2. thx for the reply i figured i would need a better psu but for 28 buks i wont complain about what i got for now...i figured i would get a single card and build a new platform next year and maybe even do a 3 waysli with the 460s..cause man..they are cheap..i looked up the 6870 you mentioned and they are around 240 and only perform about 3-8 fps better then the 460 as far as toms review goes..and newegg has them for 140s after rebates....same for 470...just not worth the upgrade to me...thx for the reply!
  3. i mean the price is too much higher for the performance of the 470 ..not the price is same as 460...just to clearify
  4. Ok, then get a 460 or a 6850, which is better.
  5. The q6600 came stock clocked at 2.4ghz. 2.8 on stock settings is normally achieveable, 3.0 with small bump 3.2 with moderate bump. If you get lucky you maybe able to get 3.4 to 3.6 but those require a large voltage bump and extreme cooling or they wont be stable.

    I've had a q6600 at 3.2 to 3.6 for a couple years now.. I usually run it at 3.2 unless I'm benchmarking because 3.6 is abit of a furnace..

    What is nice is these come with a 266x9 stock setting, I've found 400x8 to be optimal and lets me overclock the ram to 960(800 stock) with a 1.2 memory multiplier. For some reason on this abit p35 board the 1.25 multiplier isnt stable. It would crash even at stock settings.


    here is a verified cpu-z
    The core voltage on CPU-Z IS incorrect. Its 1.35, I have a pc power % cooling 750w, with rock solid rails That measure correct with a voltmeter(where testable)

  6. On Topic, Thats a good buildout for 1 460, although buying a used bfg power supply I would have never done.

    I have some "used" hitachi 250GB hdd's you can buy too if you want.

    To get more than 1 460 you need at least a 3.2ghz OC and a much better power supply.

    however with just 1 460 and a 2.8+ OC that could be a good gaming rig for a couple more years.
  7. Actually, you should be able to at 3.0 GHz with little or no voltage increase on the stock cooler.
  8. depends on the model of q6600 the later ones shipped with better coolers.
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