Seasonic S12II-620 or Corsair TX650?


I'm trying to decide between these two, to take the bronze or those 50/60 Watts more in comparison and 2 years longer warranty although 3 years is a long period of time. I'm well aware that the TX is Seasonic built, but based on the older S12 generation. Also, I don't know if I will be able to find the Antec TruePower New 650 near me, probably not.

So, any suggestions?

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  1. Try to look fir what you need here:

    Also, welcome to the Guide.
  2. Both are very good, if you don't run two more powerful video cards get the cheaper.
  3. they are pretty even, like mosox stated; get the cheaper one
  4. Hi hawkx, Welcome to THW.

    I would also say go for the Corsair, it is cheaper, will be made to the same quality of the Seasonic and offer a little bit more power for some extra headroom. And AFAIK they both come with a 5 year warranty.
  5. Is there an echo in here? Choose from those two based on price . . . color . . . anything you like. Either way you get a great psu that will do the job you need done.
  6. Yes, there is an echo here ... here :)

    They are both very good PSU's. Buy the less expensive. If that is the Seasonic, well, if 30 rated watts is going to make a difference at the 600+ watt power level, you need a more powerful PSU.
  7. What computer? 600W is an odd size

    any single GPU will run on the cheaper 520 seasonic, and dual will usually need more than 620-- more into the 700W range to be comfortable.

    That being said pretty much any of those will be great.

    If you run your computer 24/7 in a small room you might want to spring for a 80+silver just so it produces even less heat (and save a few $$ a year)
    something like the 109$ pc power and cooling. Newegg makes it easy you can refine search by 80+, 80+ bronze, 80+ silver, or 80+ gold

    power supplies are usually more effiecent when loaded heavier, If you arent going for an SLI or crossfire I'd probably stepdown to a 500~~ watt psu, if you are going for a crossfire might want to go for a 700W one.

    That all being said.. I'd go with the best value(price) in any good brand high efficiency model.
  8. I'm running the S12 600, very very quiet, fan rarely gets above idle, Q9550, GTX470 and several harddrives
  9. I decided to stick with my VX450, which is a underrated 500W PSU and goes easily above that, so it will do for now.

    Thanks for the replies.
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