Not conect to the network

i have an d-link g 520 wirless adapter and my os is win xp sp 3 and my network connection type is
security type :WPA2-personal
encryption type :AES
when I want to connect to the network it is not connect and when I go to the connection property and want to select the same type of my network it is not apear just I have a
open and shared security type i didnt have wpa2-personal type what should I do?
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  1. Does it work if you turn off wireless security on the router (see router manual for how).

    Or is the router signal not being detected ? Again, you need to consult the router manual and change the wireless settings in the router to make sure wireless is eabled and SSID is being broadcast.
  2. the problem is i cant change the router setting because im a clint user and im not administrator of a system any solution must be in my cpu
  3. If it's not your network then you need to speak to whoever controls it. Even if you have the correct password and security type it's quite possible the router has Access List (admit only users with listed MAC ID) enabled.
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