Need Help with GPU

I would like to know which of these graphic cards are better for gaming?
the list is
ATI radeon 5570
ATI radeon 5670
ATI radeon 5770
Nvidia GTS450
All 1GB cards.

I would also like to know whether nvidia graphic card can be used with amd cpu and amd mobo?
If not plz give suggestion for amd cpu(x3 or x4cpu) with mobo for nvidia card?
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  1. Hi, rahul,

    First off, Yes you can use any brand GPU with any motherboard or CPU that you want, it does not matter at all, so just get the brand you like.

    The ATI 5770 or the Nvidia GTS450 are the most powerful of of the cards you have listed.
  2. Along with some physx abilities, the Nvidia GTS 450 would be my pick out of the lot..
  3. HD 5770 is the fastest choice between them.
    And yes,a Nvidia card works fine with an AMD CPU/Motherboard.
  4. You can use Nvidia or ATI cards on your board for now, but if you want to SLI it or CF it later, then you must mention the Model of the Board and CPU for us to be able to tell you, since some boards support CF only or SLI only and some support both.
    For now, If we're going with a single GPU than any of those chipsets will do but for later the PSU & Mobo make and model is a must.
  5. It all depends on which monitor you have. Please mention that.
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