How to install a game into SSD?

Hello im new to SSD i installed it in my computer but and i followed all intructions through intel website. I have a Intel 120GB ssd. But when i try to install a game i don't see the SSD drive in windows
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  1. Its good how the community didn't answer my question. Its a waste.
  2. Vert, it's the middle of the night for most people right now.

    Is the SSD the only drive you have right now? When you start to install a game, it will prompt you for the install location, that's when you select your SSD. If it isn't showing up, try looking in 'Disk Management' (I am assuming you are running windows). The first thing to show up should be called "Create and Format hard disk partitions".

    Try to find your drive there. If it isn't there, then check to make sure that cables are attached properly. If it is there, check to see if it ready to use. If you need more help, message here again or google how to partition an unformatted drive.
  3. whats you pc spec's

    There are meny issue with dds on old bios and older computers my am3/am2 board cant use them at all and they wont even read a SATA3 harddrive unless its connected up via USB.
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