Has 6 of 5.25 bays and 5 of 3.5 bays for harddrives. Can I get a 2.5 solid state drive for this case somehow or do I have to get the 3.5 solid state drive? Sorry didn't know where to post this. Starting a new build and would like an ssd.
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  1. You can get the 2.5 ssd, you may need to buy a 3.5-> 2.5 mounting kit for the SSD if one isn't included with the SSD.
    Try one of these:
  2. Yep all it takes is one of those adapter brackets that duk3 has linked you too, check and see if the SSD you want comes with one first. :)
  3. You could probably just tape the drive to the tray, SSDs don't vibrate so it shouldn't move :P
  4. I remember being told by a intelligent person, "If your not going to do it right, don't do it at all".

    Why would you want to neglect your nice, expensive SSD by taping it to something? Those brackets are relatively inexpensive enough to buy for proper SSD mounting.

    Sounds more like a Wally response than a Dilbert one. :lol:
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