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I am getting ready to install my first SSD (a Crucial M4 256gb) on my Dell XPS 435t running Windows 7 Professional. I want to use my existing HD as a data disk/additional storage. I have read plenty of online guides and I am pretty sure I know what to do, but I do have one question regarding existing software on my HDD.....

One I install do a fresh install of windows 7 to the SSD, will I be able to run my current programs from my HDD? Will I be stuck reinstalling software (tracking down keys, etc)?

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  1. More than likely you will need to reinstall the programs. Since many programs copy files (such as .dll files) into various parts of the Windows directory (System32 for example) they will only work if you reinstall them.
  2. you cant transfer the whole hard drive to the ssd even if it fits. U have to reinstall most programs for windows to register it as a actual program.
  3. Nukemaster posted an interesting guide that may help you out.

    It involves pointing a directory to a different drive, perhaps his technique could be adapted to suit your needs? I'd give him a PM and see what he thinks.
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