Nividia geforce gtx 260 vs quadro FX 580 for Photoshop

I'm torn between a Dell studio xps 8100 and precision T1500 PC(CPU and RAM equally configured). The latter is configurable with a quadro FX 580, while with the studio xps, you have the choice of a 260 GTX (or radeon 5770) only. I need the PC for serious Photoshop work (mainly working with images) but also plan to do some video editing. I'm not interested in gaming, though. So which GC is
the better choice or are they pretty much equal regarding speed and image quality ? Thank you
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  1. I take it you use software like 3DS, Rhino, Sketchup and Photoshop.

    While the Quadro FX 580 is MADE for that kind of work, its an ENTRY level workstation card. Quadro cards are made for applications like I just stated...

    The GTX 260 is made for gaming, but it would acutally be better then your Quadro FX 580 for what you need it for, just becuase the Quadro FX 580 is so old.

    Honestly though you would be better off buying a newer Quadro card. But for sake of argument yes the GTX 260 is better then THAT particular Quadro.
  2. I am also looking for which graphics to select for extensive CS4 use.

    Here is link someone gave to me.

    I have not selected which card i am going to buy. I am still researching the Quadro CX, FX4800 and the new Fermi Cards such as the gtx 460, 465, 470. and 480.
  3. Thank you for your comments so far. Provided I'll stick with one of the prebuilt PCs offered by Dell I mentioned, there's only the choice of the GTX 260 or FX 580 (or Radeon 5870). Of course, I know that I could build my own system with HQ components and maybe a better GC. But I don't want to go through the hassle of evaluating, selecting and tuning all the parts. It's also a matter of time and money. Based on Helltech's comment, I tend to go for the GTX 260 since this card seems to be sufficient for my purpose. I'm no expert regarding GCs, though and thought that the optional FX 580 for the Dell precison would be the better choice for Photoshop than the GTX 260 in the studio consumer PC. I didn't know that the GTX 580 is an old GC. Until now, I've been using a Matrox Parhelia triple head 256 AGP on my XP machine which is at the EOL by Matrox and cannot be used on modern mainboards anymore. The Matrox was known for an excellent signal stability on all DVI-ports. I don't want to sacrifice image quality and stability of multi screen work for gaming speed and step back here for my new win7 PC. That's why I have been asking.
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