Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLi and Q9650 quad core 45nm BIOS16

Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLi and Q9650 quad core 45nm BIOS16 - had older bios running to dual core 65nm no sweat and tried this 45nm and until I put in BIOS 16 th e45nm wouldn't even start computer and now with BIOS 16 and the Q9650 quad core ....it comes up but will do waring stream of beeps and shut down after minute or two ...web says change VTT and try to set so it ignors failse over temp but those only helped and were referring to a BIOS 18 that was kind of beta out to EU and I can't find that BIOS 18 on web ...maybe give up and get a new MOBO ???
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  1. Note aso theCPU fan runs full speed thinking the temp is too high , web says that is false temp sensing with BIOS 16 on the ABIT Fatal1ty FP-IN9 Si mobo .
  2. try using a higher BIOS. Im not sure if they are official, but I heard they work quite well. I think the BIOS goes up to 18 currently.
  3. Thx.I could never find 18 and only saw that 18 was unofficial release in Europe . 16 is a bummer as you have to tweak bios so it doesn't constantly reboot and the cpu fan runs full speed no matter the cpu temp .16 did let the 45nm quad core work .But I saw too late that a 6600 quad would have worked out of the box no sweat....and I had already just said screw it and bought a new mobo and amd quad that runs my sons gaming sweet no lag and he can stream his Avilo stuff hi res aok .
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