Should I buy a OEM or retail amd cpu?

Should I buy the OEM amd cpu for like 10 to 20 dollars lower while it doesnt come with a heatsink and fan or a retail cpu with the fan and heatsink? Is the included cpu fan and heatsink worth the 20 dollars more or should i buy the OEM cpu and then buy another fan? Is there any good cpu fan for 10 to 20 dollars?
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  1. There are plenty of aftermarket heatsink- and-fan solutions out there for that money, most of them better than the stock cooler. For about 30 dollars you could get a real good one (if you plan for some tweaking/OC in the future, or if you just like a well-cooled CPU). I don't like the stock coolers, and in my opinion, 10-20 dollars is a lot of money for a stock HSF, if you come to think about it.
  2. Hi.

    OEM CPU doesn't comes with the same warranty, so, isn't the cooler the only difference.
  3. Quote:
    The term, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) refers to companies that make products for others to repackage and sell. Resellers buy OEM products in bulk, minus the costly retail packaging that comes with individually sold units. The product itself is essentially the same as its more expensive, retail-packaged sibling. OEM products are used in many industries, but are perhaps most prevalent in electronics.

    OEM hardware can be purchased directly by the public at a savings of up to 30%. Hard drives are typical OEM items, purchased in an anti-static wrapper without box, cables and often without drivers or a manual. The warranty is generally the same, and drivers, manual and support are available online, when not provided with the product itself.

    Some OEM products, however, do have shorter warranties. This is true of many CPUs where the retail version carries a three-year warranty, and the OEM version, one year or less. Check any OEM product you are considering for support and warranty details.

    Seems you need to check with the supplier what the terms of sale are gonna be.

    If you can get the same warranty with oem spend the money on an aftermarket cooler.

    Hope this helps.
  4. If you are overclocking or in a hot environment, get the OEM and an aftermarket cooler. Look at like $20.

    If not, then the stock will be fine. See if you can find something similar HSF wise in aftermarket for the same or lower price than the difference in cost between the retail and OEM.

    As for warranty, I am unsure if AMD supplies a warranty for their OEM products so unless someone says otherwise, get the retail if you want the warranty.

    I've never had a CPU fail though so I would get the OEM regardless. Then again, maybe that's just because I am used to purchasing used parts at lower cost without warranty.
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