Confused about USB3 Headers on Mobos....

Are there two kinds of USB3 mobo headers right now...

I know the ASRock Z68 extreme4 has the 19 pin USB3_12_13 pin header....but I have been reading about a 20 pin USB3_34 header on asus boards.....are these the same thing?

I ask because I want to purchase a lian li usb3 header so I don't have to do the loop around mess to use my cases usb3 port..

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Maybe it's 20 pin - 1 - 19?
  2. as far as i know motherboard makers have not agreed on a standard header design yet, which is why you still see lots of wrap around the case solutions.
  3. SO it looks like there is a specification but I am still unsure about the 20 pin versus 19 pin thing...
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