Corrupt hard drive, I need a bit of help pls!

Hey everyone so here is the deal. I was playing around with my overclock trying to bring down the vcore voltages but i was annoyed with my motherboards lack of options (P8P67 LE) so I thought ill try updating the bios. I downloaded the file form asus and then rebooted and went into the EZ bio flash option in my bios. I found the file and ran it and it seemed to work how ever it did not finish the install for some reason so i reset the bios through the coms jumper cap and the booted again and this time the bios file ran perfectly so i was pretty happy with my work. then i tried to boot into windows however some how my HDD got corrupted but all the files were still view able from the bios. so i figured that it must just be the OS that was corrupt. My friend had the idea to run a linux live disk off a usb and then use the pc as a pass thru to put all of the files from the internal HDD onto and external one so that i wouldnt lose anything. It works so I copied everything off the internal drive to the external one and i thought it was a success. i then formated the internal drive and reloaded windows onto it. the issue is that now the external drive will not open to let me view the files inside of it. does anyone no a way to fix this??

aslo sry about the long post just thought id tell u everyhting that happened

build: i5 2500k (4.3 GHz)
16 GB ram (1600 MHz)
1 TB internal drive
P8P67 LE
GTX 560 Ti
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  1. I would appreciate any help I could get
  2. What happens if you use the same Linux live disk?
  3. it will no longer mount the external drive, also i tried connecting it directly to the computer through sata and molex connector but that will not mount it either
  4. How did you determine that copying the files was successful? Did you open them to ensure they were complete? If you are 100% sure the files were successfully copied, you could send the drive to a recovery service, but that will be expensive. Can't you recover your most important files from a previous backup?
  5. I backup to the external HDD that i corrupted so no to that and yes i checked the files to make sure they were copied. all i need is to find a way to gain access to the files which windows and linux will not let me do
  6. At this point you have 2 options:

    1. You send it to a recovery service;
    2. You try tools that could solve your issue, but you could also end up with total data loss. Before trying a tool, make sure that it doesn't make changes until you can verify the files can actually be recovered. Then you usually have to buy the version that will allow you to recover your data.

    You shouldn't expect to recover 100% of your files.

    Read this review and others before deciding on a product and don't keep on trying different products as you'll probably end up with a totally unrecoverable drive:

    Carefully read each review as you may need a more expensive version to meet your requirements.
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