Im a Non Overclocker, Pls help me..

Hi guys,

Im planning to build a PC, My primary use is for games with decent playable frame rates..Im not in to overclocking at all..My budget is $850 (Indian Rs.40,000)

I have a Acer 17" widescreen monitor with 1440 x 900 max resolution where im happy with it to play games..So pls advice me of good other components..

whether i5 or AMD?
HD 5650 or HD 5750?
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  1. For that resolution, you need a good CPU to accompany your video card for you to enjoy smooth game play.. My recommendation would be to go for the Phenom II X4 955 BE and HD 5770 1GB combination.. Choose the rest of your components accordingly.. Make sure not to budget out on the PSU.. A good 450W PSU (like the Corsair VX 450W, 550W if you can afford it) should be adequate..
  2. Rana X3 4xx
    2 - 4 GB DDR3
    No DX11 titles - hunt for cheap GTS 250/HD 4850
    since u didn;t mention it: a dependable 80+ PSU for peace of mind 24/7 ops
  3. Ok can you tell me which motherboard i have to choose for Phenom II X4 955 BE? Ive seen in AMD website there were


    Im not sure about the differences but im just looking for a decent board for playing games..Also not planning on SLI/Crossfirex and all..

    Do i need a Cooler? since im not overclocking do i need it all?

    Yes i play dx11 games too, And isnt it HD5770 too much for 1440 x 900 resolution? I was planning on HD 5670..Will it be good? pls advice..
  4. The 890gx has onboard graphics which is not present on the other two chipsets you've listed.. If you are not planning on SLI/Crossfire ever then getting a board with the 870 chipset is what i'd recommend.. Look at the MSI 870A - G54 and the Gigabyte 870A UD3.. If you want a board with some very nifty touches and comprising of a chipset from any of your listed selections, then take a look at the Asrock 890GX Extreme3.. The HD 5670 may be enough for now but i'd still recommend you to stretch out and get a HD 5770 1GB instead..
  5. AMD black edition CPUs are really easy to overclock, all you do is raise the multiplier and done!
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