How can I know if my old cpu heatsink fits my new cpu?

Im planning to use my old heatsink for my new cpu. Old cpu is intel celeron and new cpu is amd phenom but the heatsink/fan is a cooler master brand. Will the heatsink fit?
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  1. If the cooler has necessory accesories (brackets, back plates etc) for the socket, then it'll surely fit.. If you are unsure on the mentioned terminologies, please provide the exact model numbers of your cpu's and the cooler.. Let us have a look into the stuff..
  2. need to know at least your cooler's model (or a pic if you dont know the model)... then can confirm whether it will fit AM2 socket (provided ur cpu is Phenom)
  3. Intel and AMD use very different mounting techiques.

    There's a good chance that you can reuse the cooler if:
    1. The cooler originally came with both sets of hardware and
    2. You still have the AMD mounting kit.
  4. even if you dont have AMD mounting kits you can buy them seperately... thats why i asked for the cooler model to check if its available...
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