Building my first computer, need some advice

EDIT: I changed the PSU
Another edit: I just changed parts, can anybody let me know if this'll work?
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  1. buy the entry level 9xx processor -- save money
    buy GTX460s -- best performance/dollar -- save money and u wont really notice too much of a difference.
    a DVDROM?? no DVDRW or BD-ROM/DVDRW combo??
    please use some of the savings and get atleast 1 SSDs, please.
    if u can, get a HX or AX, not the TX models.

    thats about it i think
  2. What resolution will you be gaming at? This system could be done for 1200$ and offer the same performance.
  3. i agree with sp 12 but i would rather go for an i7 930 or even a i5 760 if this build is just for gaming and upgrade the gpus
  4. the noctua comes with thermal paste
  5. Just updated the parts. How does it look?
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