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I have been shopping for a new wireless router. My 2wire is super old and only has 10/100 and 802.11b.
My Devices are:
Motorola SB5120 - Cable Modem
2Wire Office Portal 180HW
Two computers with gigabit wired connection
Laptop on 802.11G
HP Printer 10/100, 802.11G or Bluetooth
Onkyo receiver with 10/100
My initial goal was to add:
gigabit lan
I could use:
usb print serving - probably better performance than the wireless (and maybe the printer won't bsod my laptop when I turn it on/off anymore :/ )
modem - I would like it if it had a cable modem built in, (but I would like to have the option to use it in conjunction with a dsl modem should I switch in the future.)
I can't use the 802.11n tech since I have no devices that support it.

I see a number of options that look like they can handle most of what I want, but I don't need the N speeds or range. I also like the idea that my little 11b network has short range and is therefore more secure. I do live in a neighbor hood with big lot lines and older neighbors, so this isn't a realistic problem anyway.
NETGEAR WNDR3700 does it all, but is $150. Belkin Play or Play Max seem to do what I need as well at $100/$130. Do I really need to spend that much?
What would you recommend?

Secondary question:
The PS3, Onkyo and one of the PCs are together under the tv. I have 2 cat5 runs to that location. Of those, the PS3 is the only one with wireless. I have an old D-Link 802.11G pci card I could stick in the HTPC.
However, I prefer wired connections when possible.
What would be the most cost effective way to get all 3 devices connected over 2 runs with minimal additional wires? Buy a cheap 10/100/1000 4 port switch? I don't think an ethernet splitter would work... I've never used one...

Thank you in advance for your input!
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  1. After some more research I am looking at the ASUS RT-N16 IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n Draft Gigabit Wireless Router with USB Storage, Printer And Media Server

    So I am down to just 1 question - Can I create a network and share it with my neighbors if they get a compatible adapter?
    If so, do I care that this router does not support Draft N 2.0, just Draft N?
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