Gigabyte p55a - Udr3a Memory Configuration


I have 2x single 4gb Kingston 1333 ddr3 and 1 kit of 2 x 2gb Kingston ddr3 ram.

The manual for the motherboard is here:

What is the best memory configuration and where should i stick each set ?

Thanks in advance im a bit clueless with this stuff!

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  1. You should be able to mix and match as long as they are of the same specs: cas latency, timing, etc. If not, your motherboard will run at the slowest timing out of the two sets of rams. You can adjust this manually to correct timings via bios. You could always just use the 2x4gb and save the 2x2gb for another build.
  2. Usualy it works that way - matching memory modules in the same color slots.
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