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I have 2 hd5750s in crossfire, and 2 samsung syncmaster 940bw's, if i buy a 3rd monitor and hook it up the the second 5750 (2 on 1 card, 1 on second) will i loose crossfire? ive googled around and gotten mixed results
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  1. For crossfire you must run off the outputs of a single card, if you want to power the third screen off the second card you cant do crossfire. You do have the option of running 3 monitors off of the outputs of a single 5750, just try to find a monitor with display port input or get an active converter to turn DP into DVI.
  2. danggggg i wanted to have my 3 samsung syncmasters in eyefinity, and then have my 37" living room tv hooked up also, i guess thats not possible :(
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