Which of these PSU's would best fit my system?

i3-530/G55-P55/2 GTX 460's 1GB

XFX Core edition pro 650w - $122

CoolerMaster GX 750W PSU = $119

Antec Earthwatts 750 = $134

Antec TruePower TP-650 650W = $128

These prices are drastically different from newegg, as I'm australian, and restricted to local prices.

Which of those would be best?

And please offer better solutions if there is any :)

Thanks guys.
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  1. Try getting one of these, the cheapest i could find online in down under...

    for 750W
    Corsair TX-750 - A$147
    SeaSonic S12D 750W - A$168

    for 600-650W
    SeaSonic S12II 620W - A$143
    Corsair TX-650 - A$115

    I would also recommend this if you need something lower
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W for A$ 109
  2. Will the tx-650 be able to run 2 GTX 460's?

    I thought it only had 2 6 pins?
  3. Two GTX 460 in sli will consume roughly 425 watts under 100% load... that should leave you enough to run other components but its tight... i only looked for 650 since you had also quoted a couple of 650's... i would recommend 750W but corsair and seasonic always give extra headroom for loads and future component upgrades... so should be OK...

    TX range is certified SLI ready - http://www.corsair.com/products/tx/default.aspx
  4. Kenny646 said:
    Will the tx-650 be able to run 2 GTX 460's?

    I thought it only had 2 6 pins?

    It's got the power.
    You are correct.
    The oem platform in the TP 650 is basically an updated, enhanced and modularized version of the one used in the Corsair 650, it's a better power supply ( and has 4 pcie connectors ) for not much more money.
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