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Need quick response! - 5850 vs gtx460

Ok i have the chance to get a 2 month old reference 5850 for $275 Canadian dollars, or a gtx 460 1gb for $230 on newegg which with shipping comes to around the same price as the 5850.

what would you guys recommend me to get,
consider longevity of the card as well,
i also have a 4850 which i have sold to my friend for $150 do you think i should just get my 4850 back (which i wont be able to sell for much later) or do you think I should pick up one of those other cards or even a different card altogether.

what has the best value, and dont worry about crossfire or w/e i dont have support for it
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  1. If they are the same price then the HD5850 is certainly the better card.
  2. amirp said:
    i also have a 4850 which i have sold to my friend for $150 do you think i should just get my 4850 back

    Considering a new HD4850 is much less than $150 maybe you should be on the lookout for smarter friends :p
  3. lol i also gave him a power supply

    and if it matters my monitor is only 1680 by 1050 but i occasionaly use my 1080p tv to play some games,
    im not a heavy gamer just looking for value, and longevity
    you guys think a used 5770 at $160 would provide with better value than this? (or a new one for 200)
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    For 1680x1050 the HD5770 will be pretty good. At 1080p the HD5850 will certainly help a lot on the more intensive current and future games, especially if you want to use AA. Considering you say you wont have the option of crossfire in the future I would say get the HD5850 if you can afford it. The reference HD5850 also allows you to raise the voltage of the core for a huge overclock(usually 40%+).
  5. wow I did not know this,
    ok thanks, i will probably buy that card then and when i have more money spend it on an aftermarket cooler to further that oc
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  7. The reference cooler is pretty decent and can usually handle a high OC because the card is so power efficient/low heat. So you likely won't need to replace it.
  8. Don't buy a 5770... I got one, and I run a 1024x768, and get ~24 fps in Crysis with no AA... get at least a 5850 for your res. btw, I'm getting a 5970 :)
  9. LOL my final decision is a lame one.... im going to play my dusty (modded) 360 for a while until ati 6XXX series are release then by a good card then.
    i also have a shitty 8600 gt i can use for now for playing my beloved blizzard games so its all good
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