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I have a budget of 600 Euros. I'm after a trading pc which will support 3 monitors (maybe 4 later).

I would like it to have an I5 760, and ideally a passive graphics card with 2 dvi outputs. The images on the monitors will be primarily 2d streaming charts.

I would also like 8gb RAM.

Is it possible?
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  1. Have a research on the ATI SurroundView feature whose basic ingredients are

    ATI IGP chipset 690G or later
    Radeon class discrete GPU

    for your needs i'd juts hit a

    Passive cooled HD 5450
    880G chipset (if u want SATA/USD 3.0)
    4GB DDR3
    Propus 635 - Thuban 1055T
    80+ 380 - 500W PSU
    yada yada

    You will have to go to BIOS to enable SurroundView (from the default "Auto")

    So 4 displays - 2 off IGP and 2 off HD 5450 ^^
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