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Hi, two years of steam sales and school have resulted in my 1tb drive becoming full. Im in need of a new drive, ideally around a terabyte that i will use to store my steam on (approaching 500gb). Im unsure what needs to be done to achieve the physical upgrade. Is it a simple case of plug in a new one or will i need to be concerned about power requirements and such. My system is on windows 8 64 bit ( i know!) and is currently home to an i7 860 3.5ghz, gtx 670, 8gb of veangance ram and a 650 watt bronze power supply. The current drive is a wd caviar green 1tb 7900rpm 64mb cache. What will i need cable wise and what drives to you recommend for running steam of (large ssds are out of budget). Looking to spend around £100 (hopefully less). Thanks
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  1. You need the disk (any brand will do), a free power plug from your psu and a sata cable to plug it in your mobo.
  2. You will need to install the drive into your case and connect to your PSU and to your MOBO via a sata cable. After you reboot your PC you will need to go into computer and check the drive is there and how much drive space is available. If it does not show up correctly, you will need to go into control panel, admin tools, computer mgmt and then storage
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