Delete ununtu and add win xp from flash drive.

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Here is my dilemma. I do not want to use ubuntu any more and instead use windows xp. As you people may know you cannot install winxp with ubuntu already installed. I need to find a way to uninstall my ubuntu completely and I do not know how. Also, I need to find a way to put my winxp .iso on a flash drive and be bootable. Can you guys please help me?
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  1. Microsoft has a tool to make you flash drive bootable. Create a bootable stick on a win PC with it and boot your PC with it. While choosing the disk to install to, you can delete the ubuntu partition.
  2. I've used this tool and it works good:
  3. Whaaaat so I dont have to delete ubuntu BEFORE? I was pretty sure winxp would not even begin to read because of ubuntu installede.
  4. You do not have to delete ubuntu. Just load Windows and it will delete any existing OS that is on the drive
  5. Yes, when you install XP and it gets to the select a drive, delete all partitions first and the select the whole disk for xp. You have to select each partition, press del, press l, or something like that. It's not completely intuitive.
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