460 GTX Bottlenecked?

I am upgrading my computer and slowly getting in the parts one piece at a time. So I got one of my Gigabyte 460 GTX 1GB in and decided to pop it in...and...WHAT? No improvement.

Currently i am running Q6600 @ 2.4ghz with the ECS671T-M mobo, yeah its a blackfriday deal ;) and i have 4gb of ram, but only 3gb is recognizable cause of the mobo, and the 8800GT. I play Battlefield 2 and stuff and get around 20 FPS on the 1680 setting. NOW once i plugged in my GTX 460 i was expecting overkill on the FPS and i would have to go to a higher resolution at least. But low and behold its still right around 20FPS. But then the thing is everything i change it to, just hangs around 20 FPS, is this because of my other components?

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  1. I don't see you being bottlenecked too hard with the Q6600, try overclocking it a little bit.

    Also did you remove all of your old Nvidia drivers before you got the new ones?
  2. I did not removed them before i installed the new ones. Generally when i get a new video i never have to uninstall the old drivers, if i wanted to how do i do it cause it says i have the new drivers now?
  3. Ohh thats bad, just becuase you don't have to doesn't mean you shouldn't.

    Download the latest drivers from Nvidias website for your graphics card/operating system.

    Download Driver Sweeper

    Through the control panel use add/remove programs to delete any Nvidia graphcis/Ati graphcis drivers you may have.

    Use Driver Sweeper to delete all your Nvidia/ATI DISPLAY drivers.

    Restart in safe mode, run driver sweeper again.

    Restart normally, install the latest Nvidia driver you just downloaded, and restart one last time.

    See if that (it should) help your frame rate.
  4. @Helltech
    I did that but no increase =/

    Shouldn't there be some FPS increase though going from an 8800GT to a 460 GTX?
  5. Have you tried running just 2GB of RAM and OC'ing to DDR800 speed?
  6. Hmm i just noticed something weird, when i run dxdiag it says that i have 2.2GB of Video Ram...but i only have a 1GB GTX 460...what is the deal with that?
  7. bump
  8. It's TurboCache, it's not an issue, it's only addressable, not occupied, and it load balances automatically.

    It's likely your CPU still bottlenecking it, and also check your settings if BF2:BC is running in DX11 mode then it's also doing more work.

    As dip said, try uping the AA a bit, if the fps doesn't change then you're bottlenecked elsewhere.
  9. I have the same exact issue im fighting. I had a 1gig 8800gt and i upgraded to a gigabyte gtx 460 and have almost no improvement also.

    I am also running a crappy OEM mobo and a SLACR G0 Q6600, but only at 2.4ghz

    Ill try mine tonight and disable AA and see if i get an improvment.

    I checked out tigerdirect and you can get a P5N-D mobo, case and powersupply, windows 7, along with corsairs liquid cooler H50 for 380 bucks shiped and that would allow overclocking q6600 up to like 3.6ghz stable, and allow future SLI for the GTX 460.

    What do you guys think would that get any bang out of our setup.

    Kinda wierd im having the same problem with the same Hardware jackdaniels is. kinda rules out a bad card, and leans me more twards bottlenecked.
  10. well glad to here someone also has the issue of upgrading video and not getting better graphics. let me know if anything improves, when i moved it up or down it changed by like maybe 1-2 fps avg. so i just considered that minimal change.
  11. Ok just run Heaven in dx 10, card is OC to 820, and 1640 on shaders.

    AA is on 8X
    1680 X 1050
    afiltering 4x
    FPS was 42.6
    score 1074

    With AA OFF
    FPS 59.3
    score 1494

    Thats a pretty big difference =(

    What do you guys think?
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