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Yesterday (11/28), my son started up our computer. It ran fine for a while, maybe 10 min. Suddenly, it went black. I get a robotic message from the speakers: "Error, CPU task."
That is all. The screen is black, but otherwise on. I can see the box is is on as well, powered on. So judging by the message I have this question: Is my CPU dead? It's an Intel 2.8 I believe. Fairly fast. I also have a G-force vid card in the box. Ran warmer than any other computer I've owned. Your help is appreciated.
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  1. Could you let us know the details of the PC? If it is booting then download CPU-Z and get the details and let us know. Along with your PSU power supply.

    Also one question.. when you had the error, did the speaker say... "Error, CPU task." or the message was shown on the screen before going blank.
  2. Yeah like how old is it? Detailed Specifications please like hell_storm2004 said.
    Perhaps your graphics card died.If it's an old Pentium 4 (2.8 Ghz?) or Celeron system it's not much of a loss.Some of those older nVidia graphics cards were notorious for dying early too (overheating).
    If you have a spare graphics card try that or the Integrated Graphics instead (if it uses a IGP).Also have you recently cleaned out your computer (blown out the dust bunnies with a computer dust remover).This is standard maintenance on any desktop system that should be done every couple of months or more often depending upon your environment.
  3. With newer computers the system will turn completely off if the cpu is overheating.

    I would open the box, and clean out the computer with an air hose (yes, blast it at 90psi) and get rid of all the dust mits and crap. Blow good and hard through all the fan blades. Then, see if it still does this and let me know.
  4. If you are going to do that, pin the fan blades in place so they do not turn. Do not let them freewheel.
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