Windows 7 64-bit not using all installed memory?

I have 6Gb of Corsair Memory (3x2Gb sticks) installed on a Gigabyte mobo, however when I go into System Information it looks something like this:

Installed Physical Memory (RAM) : 6Gb
Total Physical Memory : 4Gb
Available Physical Memory : 2.82Gb

So the question is, does this mean all 6Gb aren't being used or what? And if so how do i remedy this??
Any help much appreciated
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  1. What MoBo do you have? Give me a link to it if possible. It sounds like it doesn't support Triple-Channel, only double.
  2. Also, possibly silly questions (new to this) My memory is 3x2Gb Kingston (i realise i said corsair :P) DDR3 2000MHz HyperX, but is only running at 1066MHz. I heard somewhere this is related to CPU speed or similar?

    In relation to my first question in the BIOS it is only listing ~4000Mb of memory but Windows can recognise that there is 6Gb physically installed. Maybe this supports your theory or at least helps diagnose the problem?
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