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Hi everyone,
I've seen a lot of similar posts but none with conclusions to this problem. I've had a MSI K9 platinum mobo and athlon 64x2 6000 brisbane 6G RAM for about 2 years with no problems. Recently gone 64 bit os and added a 2T WD green drive and the cpu has started overheating and cutting out. Idles at about 45-50 but shoots up when I do anything-first happened when I started to backup onto the new drive. Fitted a xigmatik red scorpion fan with no effect. Tried playing around with the cpu voltage with no effect. Have reseated the fan a few times with varying amounts of thermal paste and btw am not overclocking this but need it to perform intense audio tasks Any one any ideas apart from new mobo/cpu/RAM etc?


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  1. It could be a dying PSU. Which PSU do you have?
  2. Don't know offhand (at work) but just came with the case. Could a dying psu overheat a cpu to this extent? Is running 64 bit os not making it work harder? What psu would you recommend?
  3. Irregular power supply to the CPU, do cause temperatures to spike up. So here's what is suggest:

    1. Get a nice Thermal Paste. Tuniq TX-3 or MX-3. Put it on your CPU. Look for instruction on the web on how to apply the paste. Check you temps. If they are fine then its ok.

    2. Get another PSU from a friend and try it out. If that helps. Then you are ok.

    Otherwise we have to dig deeper. Normally generic PSU's are not advisable as they are not up to the mark in performance and reliability.
  4. +1 to hell_storm2004, as this points to a failing PSU. Inconsistent power will definitely affect the CPU. Going to x64 from x32 has little, or no, impact to operating temps.

    PSUs vary widely in quality and cost. What is your budget? Also, what other devices/peripherals do you have installed (particularly the GPU/video card)?

    To make a good recommendation, we need to know thiese things.

    Good luck!
  5. Back home now tried to post but died before I could submit. Temp was around 60c according to piriform speccy but was fluctuating wildly
    PSU is a Raid Max KY520. Graphics Geforce 5200 (I'm not a gamer)
    Only other device apart from drives is an audiophile 2496 soundcard. OK so I guess I need a decent psu-any suggestions?
  6. How much do you want to spend (or not)?

    Here is an Antec that would do well in your system:

    BTW, there are many available. Really a matter of how much you want to invest.
  7. on order.will report back

  8. stanleyman said:
    on order.will report back


    HOOAH!!! Have fun and good luck!!!
  9. Well been stress testing for the past week and the Antec seems to have done the job. I never realised a dodgy psu could cause so much trouble.
    Thanks you guys!!!!
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