Newegg's SSD TLC Obfuscation

I noticed today Newegg has changed the way they list their SSDs -

In SSD Item listing the details (tech specs) tab they used to list Memory Components: eMLC MLC, TLC, or SLC - This describe the life expectancy of the drive.

SLC - Long Life
eMLC - Long Life (enterprise MLC)
MLC -Average (most SSD drives fall here)
TLC - Short (new drives like Samsung SSD 840 ) - Which is on special today $149...


Newegg has removed the Memory Components catagory in the details (tech specs) tab for the item listings.

AND removed the TLC checkbox in Power Search: Memory Components.

They only list:

- My guess is smart shoppers are causing poor sales for the short lifespan SSDs, so they just removed the catagory to solve the problem -

(To there small credit if you Power Search and click the MLC checkbox - the TLC are not folded into the listing. - they can only be Power Searched by checking the Any checkbox .

Word to the wise shoppers...

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  1. thanks a lot. ive been looking at SSDs and had no idea that they categorize it by life expectancy :)
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