Hard drive grinding noise.

Hey all, i dont know if its much of a problem because its been there since i got the system about a year ago. But my HDD makes a grinding noise, i got a video here that will give you a breif of how it sounds, i dont know if its just grinding data or what. But id apriciate any input. Cheers in advance.

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  1. Normal HDD activity noise. However, if it happens all the time you need to check out what's running in the background e.g. virus software scanning
  2. Well im glad to hear that, its not constant. When the pc idles the noise dissapears, or when im running programs that dont require much activity. Its mostly on boot up and bigger programs that make it go a bit crazy.
  3. Yup, that's very normal. You could try defragmenting your HDD and/or, in the future, you should consider an SSD for the OS - this will make a huge difference in noise and speed. Their prices are a lot better than in the past.
  4. Thanks for the input and replys, ill look into a HDD upgrade as soon as i can afford one.
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