Wireless N speed issues/questions (Buffalo router and adapters)

I purchased a new Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router along with 2 Buffalo WLI-UC-GN - MiniUSB N adapters. I flashed the router to the Buffalo 1.74 firmware and configured my wireless settings and all was good when connecting to my built in G wireless adapter on my laptop. My speed, as I expected was 54Mbps. I then flipped the switch to off on that built in wireless adapter, installed the driver/software for the WLI-UC-GN adapter, hooked it up and the speed via that client manager software was around 65Mbps.

I then went into the software for the adapter and changed from 20MHz -> 40MHz . I changed the setting in the router configuration page to 40MHz as well in hopes of achieving 300Mbps speed. I later found out the USB adapters are only capable of about 1/2 that. After re-connecting, the speed then went to 135Mbps, however, I'm unable to get an IP address with those settings no matter what I try. Release/renew, rebooting my PC and rebooting the router results in the same thing. No IP, but connected via wireless at 135Mbps. I tried changing from WPA to WPA2 AES as I had seen as a suggestion somewhere, but that didn't help either. I sent that issue over to the Buffalo support team and forum there, but no response so far. That's not my main question for here, but anyone have an idea what might be going on there?

Since this isn't a Buffalo equipment forum, my main question for here is can I purchase an off-brand N adapter that supports 300Mbps and have it connect up to my Buffalo router at 300Mbps or do they have to be the same brand? I know from back in the Wireless G "Turbo" days you could get a matched set of adapter/router and achieve 108Mbps through proprietary mechanisms. Is that similar with N or is the 300Mbps over N more a global standard and you can mix and match adapter/router brands and still theoretically achieve those rates?

I realize that actual speed will vary quite a bit depending on various factors and don't plan to achieve that rate the majority of the time, but would definitely like to achieve more than the 54Mbps which I am currently getting.

Also, at times I may have various legacy devices on the wireless network, a printer, Wii and webcam. Can I still achieve 300Mbps speed between my N laptop and the router while still having legacy devices connected or would it have to be purely N only traffic and N only adapters? The router is always in Mixed mode with the stock firmware. I tried dd-wrt firmware and it has a lot more granularity to isolate to N only, etc. but it's not ready for prime time so I reverted back to the latest stock firmware.

I guess there is a lot more to achieving peak speeds/performance with N networks than I thought. Thanks ahead of time for any clarification/suggestions!
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  1. dudeman135 said:

    I guess there is a lot more to achieving peak speeds/performance with N networks than I thought. Thanks ahead of time for any clarification/suggestions!

    Someone suggested to try turning encryption off and see if the speed increased. I set the router and adapter to 40Mhz mode, turned encryption off and odd thing is the speed did not increase but I was able to get an IP address at 135Mbps, so that was progress. I then left the settings the same and turned authentication and encryption back on and tada, was still able to get 135Mbps and an IP. Very strange. Since 150Mbps is the max of this adapter, I consider that a success. I will still be returning the 2 adapters though, since the signal strength using them is far less than my built in wireless G adapters and I thought they were capable of 300Mbps, but they are not. To answer to another one of my questions, I found out now that other non-N devices are connecting just fine even with the router in 40Mhz mode.

    My only remaining question is can I use a Rosewill RNX-N1 USB adapter and achieve 300Mpbs with my Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH router? That adapter has 2 transmit and 2 receive channels, unlike my existing N adapter that only has one. Not sure if I can include links, but here is the one I'm referring to:


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