Celeron vs Atom

Celeron... Atom.. ?
I know Atom is made for netbooks and nettops but has it snatched the place of the celeron?

1. Processing Power
2. power usage
3.such thing as a celeron with more than 2 cores?

lol thanks

P.S is it true intel are making a 22nm fab for next gen atoms? :)
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  1. What generation of celerons are we talking about? the P4 based celerons?
  2. Celeron is a better processor
  3. ahthurungnone said:
    Celeron is a better processor

    That is a pretty generalized answer considering that range of celerons available from the first mobile M all the way to the icore based celeron. I agree that probability suggests that he is looking at modern computer or at least something in the past 3 years but I would rather be sure what he is talking about.

    Links to what you are considering would be even better. And yes, there are dual core celerons based on the icore architecture. As well as some core based ULV ones. These would all be faster than the atom by far.
  4. ^^lol sorry I was talking about the icore celerons v the newer desktop dual-core atoms. Thanks for the answer :D
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